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And the blog was without form, and void

October 28, 2009

This was inevitable, seeing as following political blogs is the predominant hobby in my life. But I am well aware that the last thing we need is another political blog. So I won’t try.

My goal is to keep a degree or two removed from current events. My current preoccupation is some unformed thoughts about the moral basis of progressivism, and some more unformed thoughts on the progressive caricatures and stances that irk me most. Unless you make the effort to express these kinds of sentiments verbally, they remain formless. Hence this blog.

But I’ll be up to other stuff too. I do have certain areas of expertise. Sometimes I’ll give a social scientific take on an issue, and other times I’ll discuss straight up social science. And sometimes I might even chime in on popular culture.

So there’s my mission statement. I hope it sounds promising. I hope you’ll stick around until I figure out how to write for a blog. I hope we’re all the richer for this.


My Identity: After much soul searching, I decided not to blog anonymously. This will encourage me to think twice before posting, plus I won’t (for example) inveigh against colleagues thinking that I’ll never be outed. But that said, I’ve decided not to write my full name anywhere on this page. This is so that a Google search of my real name won’t lead to this blog. In any case, if you want to know my full name, then by all means click the only link in this post.


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