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State of the (Former Soviet) Union

March 4, 2010

Congratulations to our Slavic friends. For the first time since 1995, Russia saw net population growth of 23,330 souls. Russia also saw an increase in its birthrate to 1.53. This is still below the replacement rate, so the net growth was due to immigration plus an upward trending life expectancy, which is now around 69 years.

I actually flag this story because it closely parallels the black genocide story. Apparently, in March of 2009 a number of Russian and Western media organizations predicted an “abortion apocalypse” based on 1) the effects of the financial crisis and 2) a ten-fold increase in searches for “abortion” on a popular Russian search engine. This “apocalypse” was supposed to devastate an already demographically-challenged nation.

But here we are in 2010, with every demographic indicator trending upward.

Which phrase is more sensationalist – “abortion apocalypse” or “black genocide”? I think reasonable people can disagree on that. But one thing that I can say: it is a bad, bad day when mainstream American discourse reaches levels of paranoia comparable to that of Russia.


If you want my sources for the above stats, click through the links here.


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  1. Sergey permalink

    For an analysis of the “abortion epidemics” story, see here

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